Saluting the Service of our Law Enforcement

June 16, 2015

In my work as the Member of Parliament for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, I get to interact with many first responders throughout the riding. This week, as a result of the tragic murder of a police officer in Edmonton, it made me consider the dangers faced by local, provincial and national emergency personnel.

They put their lives on the line for our safety and deserve our deepest respect and thanks. From firefighters to EMS to our police services, let me say how much you are appreciated by the constituents here in SDSG and by all Canadians.

As the proud father of a firefighter and father-in-law to a paramedic, I realize the contributions made to our communities by first responders. For example, each year I attend the Awards Ceremony for the Cornwall Community Police Service and I marvel at the sacrifices they and their families make each and every day.

With the recent tragic killing of an Edmonton police officer, I think it is appropriate to shine a light on our police forces for the critically important role they play to serve and protect.

Officer Daniel Woodall of Edmonton was gunned down while doing his duty. He had been a police officer in the United Kingdom and was committed to that vocation in Canada. Ironically, he emigrated from England to Canada and felt safer here. He was serving an arrest warrant to someone who was called a ‘hate-monger’, a coward by my definition who murdered him in cold blood.

It reminded me of the tragic anniversary this week of the three Moncton, New Brunswick RCMP Officers murdered one year ago, while responding to a call – David Ross, Fabrice Georges Gevaudan and Douglas James Larche. And who could forget Mayerthorpe, Alberta where four RCMP Officers were also murdered, doing their duty- Anthony Gordon, Leo Johnston, Brock Myrol and Peter Schiemann.

This has been a week for grieving with Officer Woodall’s family and fellow Canadians in Edmonton. It is also a time to acknowledge those who work in dangerous roles so we can go to bed tonight without fear.

It is a moment to say thank you to our law enforcement on patrol when we see them on the streets. It is a time to remember that these extraordinary people give us, as Canadians, a great sense of security for our families’ sake.

To the brave and hardworking men and women of the Cornwall Community Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Akwesasne Mohawk Police, and our local Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment: please know that you have the profound appreciation of many grateful citizens of our community and our country.